Country Bound

Even though I didn't know it at the time, Country Bound started as a young boy with passion for the outdoors. Growing up in the mountains gave me a love for nature and its beauty. It was the peaceful atmosphere it brought every time I wondered. Daily hikes up new mountains and along new streams would ultimately turn me into a long term outdoor enthusiast.

Money was always tight back in 1980's, so each trip started with limited supplies every time. I remember those day with very heavy and large gear, the kind of stuff I wouldn't dream of carrying today :). Over the years I continued to buy more gear while preparing for the next exploration. Year after year went by and I was more ready for the next, at least that's what I thought...

As age crept in so did the need for higher quality products to help me continue enjoying the pleasures of the wonderful wilderness. Now, quality plays a vital role for every adventure. Although they don't come as much as they used too, its so much more enjoyable when you have the highest quality products in your pack or on your feet.

Every single step on the trail is more comfortable and memorable now. When you choose quality it removes distractions from the adventure. You can truly focus on the path before you and the beauty around you. 

County Bound cares about you enjoying the experience to the fullest, so let us help with the prepping.